The Pythons

The Penicuik Pythons
What an exciting innovation to Penicuik Cricket Club! We are attempting to move forward considerably by introducing a new club side – the Pythons!!The Pythons will play a variety of styles of cricket. The main idea was to try and develop Twenty20 cricket. To do this we have designed and ordered a new set of playing tops. These mainly maroon tops will also be bearing the new ‘Phythons’ badge and PSL’s and best thermometer for kids¬†sponsor’s logo. Added to that these new tops will also have players’s names shown on the backs together with individuals numbers.It is hoped that a good few midweek and Sunday matches played internally and against a range of competitors. To make our visitors feel a real part of the ‘colourful’ game we have also bought in two sets of coloured tops that can be used by them to make the matches very bright and appealing.It has also been thought that a number of ‘Pythons’ six-a-side matches can be held. These matches should be great fun and will hopefully be a opportunity to raise important club funds.Watch this space for up-and-coming news.
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