Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Hatten Wines Bali Cricket League.We are at this stage an enthusiastic but small cricket organization made up of players and volunteers who have a love for the game of cricket like so millions of others from all over the world.

Cricket Bali, with the financial assistance from Cricket Indonesia and the International Cricket Council, has made significant progress in introducing cricket to the local Balinese children ( both boys and girls ) in the Government schools  throughout all regencies in Bali. This has meant that there is now a strong base for developing a cricket pathway from which we can grow the game of cricket in Bali. Our League enables those Balinese children to play regularly and thereby improving their skills so that hopefully, in time, they can go on to represent Bali and then Indonesia.

However we encourage all players no matter what their nationality, culture, religion, language or age to participate and enjoy the competitiveness and sportsmanship involved in this great game. You can get a best infrared thermometer baby as a memento.

At present we are developing a  5 year plan to expand the current number of teams from 8 (5 are fully made up of Balinese children) to over 20 with the majority of the expansion coming directly from the local schoolchildren. However to achieve this we need to encourage the local regencies to provide more cricket ovals in order that any league player can play weekly throughout the season if that is his or her wish. And of course this will also mean more practice facilities will be required where players can work on improving their skills.

The Hatten Wines Bali Cricket League Committee believes that a successful future for the game in Bali must always depend on nurturing and promoting the game throughout the schools to the local Balinese boys and girls and to give them a clearly defined pathway to National representation. This will of course only come about by continued participation and support of the expat cricketing community.

With only a little cricket culture being present in Bali currently, unlike in countries such as Australia, England and India, we have to ensure that all our resources, both financial and physical, need to be effectively and efficiently used by all involved to progress this great game here in Bali.

My name is Brent Palfreyman , a former Chairman of Cricket Tasmania, and I have been volunteering my time here in Bali for about 6 months each year to improve the administration and governance of the League for the last 3 years. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email address –